Dolmen wins the Big Data Paris 2017 Trophy


Paris, 8 March 2017: Dolmen announced that it had won the 2017 Big Data Innovation Trophy. On 7 March at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, David Godest got up on stage to defend his responsible and ethical vision of data use in the BtoC category.

Data at the service of local business

This was an opportunity for the Founder of Dolmen to reassert the idea that we must start transitioning from the Big Data era to the “Smart Data” era, by coming back to a local vision, to the service and for the benefit of the consumer. The goal is to build a constructive dialogue within customer relations, and avoid the abusive, unilateral and deceptive use of data that will no doubt be considered an intrusion. Sorting through the abundance of data to only keep the most usable and relevant seems crucial in our context.

Better knowing customers to better serve them: that is the task set by Dolmen – a local customer marketing platform that helps shop-owners create events in their point of sale, collect local customer data and communicate in a targeted and customised manner with a view to developing close and durable relations.