You wish to communicate with your customers better and send the right message to the right person at the right time. Our goal : to help you target and personalize your communication in just a few clicks, and thus maximizing relevant messages are sent, which are crucial in order to create close and long-lasting relations.

Dolmen's platform

Choose the right medium according to your objectives (email, SMS, enriched SMS, letter) and target your communication based on data collected or imported via the platform:

  • profile data (gender, age, birthday, etc.)
  • geographical data
  • personal data (number of children, projects, hobbies, etc.)
  • loyalty and behavioural data (loyalty card holders/non-holders, purchasing frequency and amounts, etc.)

Our solutions are adapted to shop uses, and their accessibility and ergonomics will help make you more autonomous and responsive.

To make it even easier to create your communication, you can create and (re)use message templates.

Lastly, you can monitor your campaigns’ statistics in real-time.

Dolmen's services

Our marketing advisers support you all the year-round through the construction and implementation of your communication plan, according to each target and medium. Our graphic designers are also able to create your messages and contents. Our goal: to help you send the right message to the right person at the right time, thus maximizing your return on investment.

targeted contacts

Up to 30%

of returns for enriched SMS

of collected data still usable after 1 year

Dolmen's avantages

The ergonomics of the platform, used to create targeted communication campaigns in an extremely simple and quick way.

The Dolmen One application, used to create your SMS and enriched SMS campaigns directly via your smartphone!

Séverine Attimon, Associate at Hyper U in Guichen

Why Dolmen?

“We started working with Dolmen because our U card database was not up-to-date and we wanted to enrich it.” Indeed, an up-to-date database is the key to improved customer knowledge, and thus a guarantee that your offers correspond more to customer expectations.

Dolmen’s benefits?

“Dolmen’s strength is no doubt the support it provides. The teams are a source of suggestions for our in-store events and remain present to help us implement them. The solution also offers extremely useful performance measurements, used to regularly review our operations with the teams.”

Séverine Attimon

"Dolmen's strength is that they make suggestions, namely regarding events we could launch in stores. The solution is easy to use, even if there is no dedicated person in-store to help." Séverine Attimon, Associate at U in Guichen

One of our key operations was a cost price operation for scallops. The shop communicated using an enriched SMS, suggesting that customers pre-order the desired quantity. "This was a fantastic operation that helped us sell our entire stock of scallops."