Data collection

To get to know your customers, there is no better place than in your own shop. Collect your customers’ contact details, as well as their interests and expectations. Synchronize your information in centralized databases for enriched content and optimal knowledge.

Dolmen's platform

Thanks to the events performed in shops or online, the aim is to attract as many passers-by as possible and collect customer and prospect data: contact details (email address, mobile phone no., address, etc.) as well as personal data (number of children, hobbies, projects, etc.).

All the collected data are processed and duplicated, to enrich and update your database, while ensuring maximum security levels.

Our APIs and connectors are used to synchronise your shop databases and central information systems, to enrich your customers data continuously and duplicate personal and behavioural data.

Dolmen's services

What data to collect? How to address your priority targets appropriately? We provide consultancy in the creation of your data collection questionnaires and the organization of your customer data.


Security risks and respect for the consumers and their data are a major concern for Dolmen. Everything is put into place on Dolmen’s platform to ensure maximum security. All the data are saved and processed in accordance with European directives and ICO recommendations.  Every step of the way, we commit ourselves to ensuring the property, confidentiality and security of your data.

targeted contacts

generated contacts resulting from collection operations and/or customer databases connected to the platform

Dolmen's avantages

In addition to data collection, Dolmen can help you manage real databases: automatic deduplication, customer segmentation, long-term consent management, commercial pressure management, etc. All these functionalities are essential to implement responsible local marketing.


We guarantee that European and ICO directives will be respected, and we are members of the SNCD (national syndicate for direct communication)

Manage your data correctly

Responsiveness and ease of use for Grand Quartier


The Grand Quartier shopping centre in Saint-Grégoire encompasses about 90 shops – all sectors combined – and welcomes approximately 70,000 customers a week. Their specific challenge was to enhance close relations with consumers who live and/or work nearby, as well as with those who come from further away for special occasions (Christmas, Sales, Weekend, etc.). “Our goal is to make them come and come back”. 

Why Dolmen?

Five years ago, Grand Quartier had “an extremely minimal database, linked only to the loyalty card”. “Our desire was to develop a more qualified database, to better know our customers and send them more relevant information according to their needs.” Moreover, the shopping centre wanted the solution to be easy to use and user-friendly.

How do you use the Dolmen solution?

“Our very first use was focused on collecting relevant data – either via the terminals or the SmartCollect platform. Then, thanks to our qualified and segmented database, we can send emails or SMS messages. “

The benefits of Dolmen

“Dolmen’s responsiveness is without a doubt a major benefit. When a shop wants to implement an operation for instance, the SMS or email campaign can be launched very quickly. There are also very interesting functionalities within the solution, such as geo-localisation.”

"The solution is constantly evolving, it never stagnates - there are teams behind it that think, research and help us meet our specific needs."
Sabrina Le Fol, Communications Manager for Grand Quartier

Key figures
– A database with over 100,000 contacts
– Over 50,000 customers with email and SMS opt-in
"We were able to create a highly qualified database. "