Closer to your customers at the right time

Closer to your customers at the right time

Dolmen is a local customer marketing platform, used by points of sale to collect and use the data provided by their customers and prospects.

Event organisation and data collection in stores, on mobile phones and online; enriching and managing local and central databases; targeted and personalised communication via email, SMS, enriched SMS and post: knowledge of the customer and successful multi-channel communication on just one platform, to help enhance local relations.

Your needs

Winning over customers

You wish to win over new customers and increase customer flow through your point of sale.

Knowing your customers

To communicate in a relevant and efficient manner, you need to better qualify and know your customers.

Enhancing loyalty

You wish to develop a close relationship with your customers and increase their long-term commitment.

Key figures

of customer flow attracted per operation

contacts collected

of customers accept to receive communication from you

Up to 30%

of returns for enriched SMS

Our customers