Dolmen’s departments

Products & Technical aspects

We aim at boosting Dolmen’s innovative capacity, as part of a team made up of complementary profiles (product manager, product designer, developers, etc.).  We make sure the solutions work properly and that data are secure.


Dolmen’s offer changes according to customer requirements and needs, which makes the Sales department so rich. We get up every day to try and understand our customers’ challenges and needs, then to offer them suitable solutions.

Operational marketing

The team is 100% focused on our customers, whom we support daily in using our solution. We are motivated by our desire to see our customers satisfied with their latest results and ready to pursue the adventure.

Marketing and communication

We make our vision of the solution and products available to Dolmen’s other services. We generate as many opportunities as possible, work on the brand and market innovations, offers and launches.


Our work consists in structuring the company, so other departments can focus on their core tasks. We manage administrative, accounting and financial duties, as well as human resources development.